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Faculty Travel Awards for Child, Elder or Dependent Care


  • Maximum $2,000 for one professional meeting
  • In order to distribute the funds equitably, faculty members may only receive one travel award. Repeated awards will not be granted.


  • Assistant, Associate and Full Professors
  • All academic series


  1. The Faculty Travel Award is for faculty members who have significant childcare, eldercare, or other dependent care responsibilities and who would like to attend a national or international professional meeting.
  2. The Faculty Travel Award is intended to support professional development and national/international recognition. The faculty applicant must make a professional presentation at the conference in order to apply for the travel award.
  3. The faculty member must utilize the Faculty Travel Award to support childcare, elder care or other dependent care expenses that are incurred in conjunction with attendance at the professional meeting.


  1. Submit a budget that describes how the Faculty Travel Award funds will be used to support expenses for childcare, eldercare or dependent care either at the site of the professional meeting or at home.
  2. Submit a one paragraph description that summarizes why this funding is important and how your presence at the meeting will help your career advancement.
  3. Funding must be requested at least one month ahead of travel. Awards will be granted on a rolling basis throughout the year.
  4. Please submit your application to Mr. Mickey Zeif via email at You will receive notification within two weeks.

Click here for a copy of the application.

If you have any questions, contact Mickey Zeif at 476-4237 or via email at