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Mission, Vision & Goals

To facilitate the recruitment, advancement, and development of a diversified academic workforce of the highest caliber. To ensure that faculty understand the expectations of appointment and advancement in the University of California and that the appointment is in the correct series and at the appropriate rank to ensure successful merits and promotion.

A continuously improving academic personnel process and programs that support departments, units, and faculty in accomplishing their teaching, research, and clinical goals.


  1. Ensure that appointments are made in the proper series and at the appropriate rank, consistent with the skills and professional goals of the faculty member and the expectations of the department.
  2. Provide timely, meaningful feedback on academic progress, in the form of advancement and other reviews, to faculty and department chairs.
  3. Facilitate faculty development, i.e. professional growth, in all aspects of an academic career.
  4. Monitor and assess trends in academic personnel, particularly women and underrepresented minorities.
  5. Ensure that academic salaries are set in a logical and consistent manner within and across departments of the School of Medicine.
  6. Address concerns about faculty performance and behavior, consistent with the expectations of the University and School of Medicine, and conduct preliminary investigations of faculty misconduct and research misconduct.